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Guest moorage is available for members of yacht clubs sharing a reciprocal agreement with Quartermaster Yacht Club.

Quartermaster Yacht Club is located on the southwest side of inner Quartermaster Harbor, and reciprocal moorage is located on the inside of the two main floats toward the shore (see map below). Total dock space there is 80 feet, with no overflow available. Exercise caution at low tide, and extreme caution if the wind is up. Also note that rafting is not permitted, as it obstructs others from getting in and out of the dock.

Except on those occasions where a visiting yacht club has reserved our facility as a destination for a group cruise, moorage is on a first come, first served basis and we request that you fly your club burgee while visiting our facility.  If you have any questions during your stay, you may contact the caretaker in slip S48.  You may also call the caretaker to check on availability at 206-498-8348 (but please use this number only for checking on reciprocal availability - other numbers are listed on the contact page).


Reciprocal moorage is free the first 48 hours and $1.00 per foot, per day for additional days, maximum stay 4 days per month. Electricity (30 amp) is available at $4.00 per day.

There is no garbage service. What you bring in please take it with you when you leave. Please observe the normal rules prohibiting dumping of garbage and head discharge in the marina. Our clubhouse deck and heads are available for use.

If your club desires to utilize our facilities for a club sanctioned cruise, please contact our Rear Commodore to schedule such use as special rules apply and Board approval is required.

Harbor map

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