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Thank you for your interest in Quartermaster Yacht Club! 

Below is a summary of the requirements for membership including the costs.

One of the big questions we get is "how long is the wait for a slip?".  The answer depends on what size slip you are requesting, and who else is waiting for that length of slip.  The wait can be less than a year, but it's best to call/email to get an idea of the current situation.  Slips are assigned by seniority, so joining earlier rather than later can be a good idea if you are considering it in the future.

Membership Pre-requisites

   To become a member, you must:

  1. Reside on Vashon/Maury Island
  2. Attend two general club functions at the invitation of current members
  3. Submit completed application forms accompanied by two letters of sponsorship from current members
  4. Pay the initiation fees and dues
  5. Attend an orientation meeting with the Admissions Committee
If you do not have two sponsors and are interested in joining, please contact us.  One way to get sponsors is to come an event so it is not a requirement to have sponsors before starting the application process.

Membership Costs

  • Initiation fee
    $1,000 ($500 for social members)
  • Annual dues
    As of 2017, annual dues are $480 ($240 for Social members).  Dues to increase by a small amount on a scheduled basis.
  • Moorage rates
    As of 2019 moorage rates are $4.50/ft per month.  Length is the greater of the slip length or boat length.

  • Slip deposit
    As of 2018, the slip deposit is $158.78 per foot of slip length.  So for example on a 30ft slip the deposit would be $4,763.40.  This deposit is fully refundable when you give up your slip.

Membership Requirements

QYC facilities are member maintained, so we ask for each member to contribute to either maintenance or help with social programs.  The current rate in 2018 is 9 work credits (hours) per year, and there are ample opportunities to contribute.  We have organized spring cleanup work parties (that are actually a great way to meet members), as well as smaller projects.  There are also several social events throughout the year that members contribute to for setup, cleanup, etc.

We also require members to keep their boats in good working order so that the dock space will be used by people that are using their boats.

How to Join

If you are interested in joining, please contact Lynne Shepherd at 206-200-2716 for more information or fill out and return the application form:

Application Form

Member Benefits

  • Excellent facilities including
    • Newer docks
    • 30a/50a electric service
    • Portable pumpout unit
    • Water
  • Social events
    • Opening Day festivities
    • 4th of July celebration
    • Christmas brunch
    • Commodore's Ball
  •  Club cruises
    • 5-6 club cruises per year
    • Great for beginners to boat with others to have help and advice available
    • Great for any boater to get out and meet fellow boaters
  • Use of club sailing boats
    • Catalina 22
    • JY15s
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