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Cruise to Lakebay Marina

  • 16 Oct 2020
  • 18 Oct 2020


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Fall Cruise to Lakebay Marina

Why Lakebay?  It’s fairly close – a nice day cruise, it’s great for kayaking or just hanging out enjoying the scenery, Penrose Point state park woods and beaches are right across the cove, and last but not least it should be a “safe” place to be given our continuing Covid-19 situation. 

* Reserve on this website and that's all you have to do

* Bring a dinghy or kayak to get over to Penrose Pt Park

* Depth at the dock there is about 10' (Lynn went over and measured)

* There is no electricity at this time

* There are five mooring buoys in the outer part of the harbor

* Moorage rate is $1/ft per night

We are planning for a casual club Meet and Greet Saturday afternoon for our newer members that haven’t yet had the opportunity for a cruise or even a club meeting.  The marina has a huge outside upper decked area.  We will be able to casually gather and easily maintain 12’ separation.   There are several picnic tables or we can bring our own chairs.  Mark Scott the owner will have the café open so it’s a great opportunity for a burger or fish and chips.

The Lakebay Marina and many of the boats moored there are old and a bit run down.  Mark has been doing upgrades and repairs and there is a long way to go.  But the old marina along with its history is a big part of the charm.  The large marina building (where the grill is located) has lots of interesting stuff along with historical pictures and write-ups.  Based on a visit there last weekend one can feel “safe” wandering through the building (wearing a mask) to take it all in.

The marina should be able to accommodate 10-12 of our boats.  If more room is needed the Penrose Pt State Park dock is  100 yds across the cove.  The marina should have adequate depth for all our boats at low tide.  The park dock is shallower and not suitable for deeper draft boats at a low tide.  There are also park buoys available.  Electrical power for your boat  is not available at either location.  Water is available at the marina.  Showers are available at the park but not the marina.  Fuel is not available.  The tiny old marina store will be open with non-food items.  Check it out!

A concern for all boaters is navigating through the cove to get to the marina as the cove is fairly shallow at a low tide.  Jay Hanson and Lynn Miller used an old local map of the cove with visual land references to document a safe entry and exit through the cove.  The map is being updated with GPS point coordinates along with the depths.  On this course there is plenty of depth plus margin for navigating error on a medium or higher tide.  The updated map which will be send out prior to the cruise will also show depths at the marina and park dock. Another aspect of the Oct 17th weekend is that Friday through Sunday there are great high tides for coming in or going out of the cove.  And for any captain that prefers to stay out the park has buoys in deeper water near the entrance of the cove.

Once at the marina you can check in with Mark the owner.  The cost for overnight moorage is $1.00 per foot. 

Feel free to contact the hosts Lynn and Lisa Miller with any questions. 

We look forward to seeing you at Lakebay!

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